London label announces worlds first 100% recyclable vinyl record


Needs, a London based not for profit record label, have teamed up with Green Vinyl Records in Holland to produce a 100% recyclable record. Vinyl has often been debated for it’s negative and detrimental impact on the environment due to high energy usage manufacturing procedures and waste. Green Vinyl’s new method of production uses 60% less energy cost compared to traditional vinyl manufacturing processes.

The first release on this new eco friendly format features music by Saoirse, Reptant, Pugilist, LUXE, Sansibar and Hassan Abou Alam. Bobby, the founder of Needs, made the following comment on the release:

“Over the years vinyl has been a difficult subject for us. There was even a point where we seriously thought about becoming a digital only label. But after a period of intense research we came across Green Vinyl and found a solution to do what we love and in a way which is ethical, progressive and pushes the format forward. Hopefully through this release we can raise awareness about this revolutionary new technology and inspire others to think about the way they produce vinyl.”

More details can be found HERE