LNS & DJ Sotofett announce new LP, ‘Sputters’, on Tresor Records


DJ Sotofett and LNS have joined forces for a new double LP titled ‘Sputters’, coming via Tresor Records.

Recorded over a three-year period, between 2017 and 2020, the album features 15 tracks that move through warped electro and techno sonics, interspersed with archive material and short skits. The pair are joined by E-GZR, who has previously released on Sotofett’s Wania imprint for a guest appearance which opens up the release.

LNS is a Canadian artist, based in Berlin, who’s output as a producer and DJ is rooted in braindance, electro and acid, withe releases for her own self-titled imprint LNS and Sotofett’s Wania.

Originally from Norway, DJ Sotofett is widely reputed for his imprints, Sex Tags Mania and Wania, without forgetting his afro, dub and jazz releases on Honest Jon’s London. 

Listen to ‘El Dubbing’ below…