Listen: Senate – Gangstalker


New London techno imprint Pacific Command has called all the way over to Perth for the first installment, enlisting duo Senate to show us what the Australian West Coast has to offer. 

'Gangstalker' is pure, refined rhythm experimentation. The eponymous opening track is big, intimidating, industrial beat-bashing, with the biggest melodic change being how much or long the bass will be restrained for. The 'Wardrum Call To Arms Mix' turns on its heel with the vibe, whilst spiking the BPM up to 160 we're led through a washed out synths with a dub-lurch, whose skittering cymbals give way to a jungle snare and war sirens arcing slowly in the background. 'Kirsche' is another polyrhythmic groove exercise, a 12-minute call and response dance between handclaps, snares, cymbals, bass kicks and synth splashes.

Plenty of doof-doof to have fun with here. Pretty interesting dancefloor food, might be a bit difficult to listen to first thing in the morning though. Actually, might be perfect to listen to first thing this morning.