Listen: Kangding Ray – Cory Arcane


Cory Arcane is the fictional muse of Kangding Ray's newest offering. She's one of those people everyone knows:

"…she used to struggle with her own decay, navigating an intricate web of bureaucracy, endless social-media scrolling, 24-hour news channel feeds and marketed strategies of seduction…

lately she could be seen squatting in the outskirts of different giant metropolises, embracing the mayhem, contemplating the crumbling of a system…"

Meanwhile, Kangding Ray sits tightly amongst acts like Shackleton, Paula Temple and Amon Tobin, the busy, weighty layers of his tracks heavily lunge, determinedly chug, ominously rollick or (rarely) shimmer distantly. Normally with some kind of sinister or yearning shadow though. Someone needs to buy this guy an ice cream.

It's the fifth album Kangding Ray has put out through Raster-Noton and is going to be available on digital & CD from 30th October, the double vinyl will be up for grabs in November.