Listen: Emptyset – Signal (Subtext Recordings)


On 1st February, Emptyset performed Signal, a project working with long distance high frequency radio transmission exploring the effects of atmospheric propagation and transmitted sound.

For the performance, audio was transmitted across:

"…real-time 2000km circuit, routed from Berlin to Nauen 40km West of the city, from the oldest operational transmission station in the world, received by the 1950s French radio base Emetteur d'Issoudun and from there retransmitted and received at the performance space in Berlin."

The result is a ridiculously ambient conceptual piece, hazy and ethereal, swathed in icy hissing, high frequency groans and murmuring low bass glowers and growls.

You can buy the recording from the Subtext website and check Emptyset's less than ambient work here.