Listen: Andreas Gehm/Elec Pt1 – Happy Skull 007


To earn the title 'acid maverick' you have to be pretty handy at making top quality music, or you work in a science lab and consider yourself 'a bit of a character'. Andreas Gehm is certainly the former of these and the Cologne-based producer has once more donned hie Elec Pt1 guise to release a beaut of a 12" via Bristolian label Happy Skull.

If you think you know what music is, you ain't seen nothing yet! Gehm plays tricks on your mind, your body and, most importantly, your inner-ears with his tantalising sounds that are sure to make for a selection of wonderfully wild dance floors. Get yourself excited, things are about to get magical;

Happy Skull 007 will be out in July 2015 via Happy Skull.