Listen: All-Female Cover Of Underground Resistance


For those of you too stuck in your chauvinistic, macho ways to realise that it was International Women's Day at the weekend perhaps a little all-female music will make you sit up and pay attention to women within the music industry.

Though the fight for genuine equality within this male-dominated line of business is far from being won, there certainly doesn't seem to be an imminent change in the way that female artists are treated in comparision to their male counterparts. Celebrating International Women's Day, this all female cover of Underground Resistance's Detroit classic Transition surfaced and makes for a mighty fine spot of listening. Produced by Violet, and with vocals by A.M.O.R., Coco Solid, Mamacita, Nancy Whang and Nightwave, it's hard to find fault with this cracker.

Don't worry sexist blokes, your day is coming in November so just chill-out and tune in;