Letherette: If we were cocktails.

Letherette first appeared on our radar in 2010 on the Brownswood compilation before heading to the Eglo Records sub-label Ho Tep (from the Egyptian for satisfaction), where they released two genre-spanning EPs. Within two years they were signed to Ninja Tune, releasing the Featurette EP at the end of last year and this month the self-titled Letherette LP.

Hailing from Wolverhampton, this eclectic duo met across a muddy football pitch at secondary school, they soon became firm friends developing their bedroom production skills via synths and samplers before heading to sixth form with Bibio, whose work they have remixed with devastating effect alongside Bonobo, Machinedrum & Ilya Santana.

The debut 12-track LP demonstrates the pairs ability to produce music of outstanding beauty that traverses numerous styles and BPMs, scuppering expectations from the anthemic vocals through to the glitchyness of Waterstones & the warmth of Hard Martha.

So, whats on the new album? D&T is already doing the rounds.

We tried to put a lot of variety into the album and to showcase a lot of the different types of music we like to make. There are fast, upbeat moments, right through to slow, introspective moments, with stuff in-between. We worked with vocalist too, with this release. There are tracks featuring vocals from Natasha Kmeto and Jed & Lucia.

How does the creative process work in a duo?

We both have studios where we start tracks, individually. Then we gather together a bunch of our favourites, the ones we feel have something and we’ll swap them between each other to see what we can both add to them. Then, right at the very end, we’ll work entirely together to mix, edit and arrange the final track. It works really well and its great having two people because we each bring our ideas to the table, we both have our strengths and I think we complement each other well.

How would you describe your sound, some said it was like a pina colada”?

Haha. I like the idea of describing ourselves as a metaphorical cocktail but we’re not sure the cocktail of choice would be a Pina Colada. Maybe a metaphorical Old Fashioned [recipe]?

What influences did you have growing up?

I was bought up on soul music, and I’d say it’s been a huge influence on me. I think I’ve sampled most of my old man’s record collection! Both my parents, especially my dad, are fanatical about music so I guess I was going to be. I’m grateful that they had good taste, its safe to say, I wouldn’t be part of Letherette if I’d have been bought up on Cliff Richard. No offence, Cliff.

And how did you meet?

We met at secondary school, a very long time ago! We hung out all the time and still do, I guess we’re kind of like brothers. We have always written music together and individually and because our tastes and interests are so similar, we decided to join forces and release music under the same outlet, Letherette. The name ‘Letherette’ was originally the name of a track that Andy made. It was just a really sexy, fresh beat track and the name just seemed to suit it so well so we decided to call ourselves that.

And how did you find your way to Ninja Tune?

I think the guys at Ninja had heard some of our releases on Alexander Nut’s Hotep and were keen to hear a demo when we told them we were compiling an album. After quite a few months of passing them tracks, they decided to offer us a deal, and here we are now.

What are you doing this summer?

We have a few big shows during the summer, which we’re very excited about. We’ll be playing the Roundhouse in London at Bonobo’s curated day, Mutek Festival in Montreal, Soundwave in Croatia and an Off Sonar party in Barcelona, so we’ll be going to the Sonar festival too. I’ve wanted to go for years, so I’m very happy about that one.

Head to the Madam Jojos for details of the launch party, also check Ninja Tune for upcoming live dates.

Kim Wilson