Lauer, Aera & more remix Johannes Albert on new EP


The follow up to his album, released earlier in 2019, features four remixes from friends and associated producers as each attempts to reinvent a track taken from the "Lichtenberg" LP. Johannes Albert has invited an eclectic assortment of producers to reimagine his music in the form of Running Back affiliated producer Lauer, Innervisions and Permanent Vacation releasee Aera, Kiwi and Marbod.

The release was described as follows…

"Remix time is good time. And good time … whatever. Johannes’ album „Lichtenberg“ gets retweaked."

A full tracklist can be seen below: 

01 Chestnut Poetry (Lauer Remix)
02 Hooligan (Aera Remix)
03 Milieu (Kiwi Remix)
04 Whirring In Distance (Marbod Remix)

The release will be available from late July this summer.