Lara David launches new label with first release from Mx.Tactful

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First up is a release of 90’s machine music from Yorkshire.

Lara David is set to launch a new record label with the first material released today. Mx. Tactful is the first artist to inaugurate the imprint with a collection of machine driven tracks recorded in the 90’s in Yorkshire. The first release is called ‘Margin Machines’

Lara has previously released music as Chekov but this is the first time she has launched a label of her own, she also contributes a couple of edits to the first outing on the new label which is called Table Jelly Dishes.


She tells the charming story of how the first release on the imprint has come to be:

“Last year, I moved back to the small town where I grew up and soon found myself back at the dole office. While trying to ignore my surroundings, I clocked the lady waiting next to me was also wearing an Autechre tee; our eyes locked in a way that any cosmic freak knows well and holds close. Welfare bureaucracy behind us, we grabbed a coffee and got to neeking over beats. She hinted at having written music in the ’90s; though firmly in the past-tense. A few hangs later, she showed me what was on those dusty DATs and my mind promptly melted… Eventually, I convinced her to send me the recordings and we went over them together in my ‘studio’. These sessions turned out to be the last push I needed to launch the label I’d been mulling over. With Mx.Tactful’s blessing, it seemed these mislaid machine jams would be a perfect introduction to the wobbly world of Table Jelly”

The tracks are streaming online and available to buy HERE.