Laid Back Cocaine Cool


This is a bit odd- its a sister track, or companion piece as the band have it, to White Horse which came out years and years ago and is everyones favourite anti-heroin-pro-coke-proto-house-disco b side of all time. So really it sounds like White Horse with different lyrics and a slightly different arrangement, and according to the press blubber, was so offensive to the record label that they wouldnt release it at the time. Its hard to see why it was that offensive, it just mocks coked up A&R nobheads, although I guess that was a bit close to home back in 81. Its good this has seen light of day anyway, its a fine chunk of balaerica with lovely warm acid squiggles and breathy vocals reminiscent of mid 00s DFA/ Output sex disco. More than just a curiosity, then, and worth a listen.

Ian Mcquaid

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