Kozzie Destruction


Really, truly not for the faint hearted. South East Londons newest star tells it straight from the startThis ones disgusting. Believe me when I say the problems started !- then proceeds to fucking attack the mic. Kozzie spits nasty gutter lyrics quick. He fires out his allegiance to grime, and throws in a few unpleasant lines ( Gonna have to book me one day// If not Ill shoot up the rave// kill everyone in there ) but has the lyrical dexterity and rhythmic control to elevate his rage to the heights of the best, angriest inner city punk music of any decade. At the end of the track he finally eases off and you can catch some laughter in his voice, enough to make you feel that all the vicious gun chat is only so real, still if hes just trying on street personas, hes doing so very, very convincingly. Destruction is produced by another rising star Spooky DJ, and is in many ways a throwback to the industrial minimalism of street classic Pulse X. Based on this hook up, both Producer and MC have got big things ahead.

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