Kiosk Radio partner with independent record labels to launch live global programme


In response to the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, Brussels’ Kiosk Radio are launching ‘Outsiders’, a live programme that features new music partners from around the world.

Alongside their daily live programme, they will showcase likeminded creators, with each partner contributing a monthly residency for a year, involving the different artists and individuals that surround their work. 

The list of partners includes Yes No Wave Music, Nyege Nyege, Invisible City Editions, Calypso Records, Mannequin Records, Invisible Inc and many many more.

The focus for the first year will be on independent labels but following this Kiosk plan to involve record shops, party collectives and, of course, community radio stations. 

Outsiders will be live every day from 10am to 12pm CET. Given the global nature of the project (and the many different time-zones), the same shows will be re-streamed on the same day from 10pm to 12am CET. 

Check out the full list of partners for 2021 below. More will be announced throughout the year.

Abstrakce (Spain)
Afrosynth (South Africa)
Artetetra (Italy)
Ashes57 / Teklife Records (UK/US)
Astigmatic Records (UK/Poland)
Bongo Joe Records (Switzerland)
Calypso Records (Mexico)
Crammed Discs (Belgium)
Décalé Records (France)
Dekadenz Records (Indonesia)
DELODIO (France)
Discrepant (UK)
DIVISI62 (Indonesia)
Fauve Records (Hong Kong)
Garzen Records (Israel)
Invisible City Editions (Canada)
Invisible, Inc. (Scotland)
Jj funhouse (Belgium)
Kashual Plastik (Germany)
Le Temps Perdu (Lithuania)
Low Budget Family / That’s A Steal! (Russia)
Macadam Mambo (France)
Mannequin Records (Germany)
Meakusma (Belgium)
Mediteranos / Salasi (Palestine)
More Rice (Philippines / Thailand)
Neroli (Italy)
Nonlocal Research (Chile)
Nyege Nyege (Uganda)
One Eye Witness (Netherlands)
Peels Records by Midnight Runners (Indonesia)
Planet Trip (Australia)
Promesses (France)
Radio Martiko (Belgium)
Slow Motion Records/Wrong Era (Italy/Germany)
Street Corner Music (United States)
STROOM (Belgium)
Teenage Menopause Records (France)
Tofistock (Israel)
Ujikaji (Singapore)
Yes No Wave Music (Indonesia)

Listen HERE.