Kiosk Radio and Radio Raheem team up for new audiovisual series highlighting local talent


Community radio stations Kiosk and Radio Raheem have teamed up to launch ’25 A/V’, a new audiovisual series that will showcase local talent in their respective homes of Belgium and Italy.

Launching on Thursday 13th May at 6PM CET, and running monthly throughout the year, the stations seek to reimagine the role of independent online radio, helping to support the fragile counterculture ecosystem and the survival of underground artists.

A step towards building a wider network of online radio stations in Europe and beyond, Radio Raheem and Kiosk have identified three main calls to action:

1) Team up! “In our glocal art communities, “connecting the dots” seems not sufficient anymore. We feel the time is ripe to overcome geographical barriers, embrace like-minded projects globally and construct stronger partnerships. Collaborations must not be reduced to “takeovers”. Besides sharing artists and followers we need to merge our scenes and communities, creating joint platforms with common goals.”

2) Be the mirror of your scene. “25 A/V aims to represent the full spectrum of relevant alternative subcultures on the scene. We believe it is crucial to go beyond an elitist approach. We wish to champion the diversity of our cities deeply convinced that all artists – regardless of their style – should share one fundamental goal: develop a unique sound or aesthetic through passion and research.”

3) Creativity first. “Following the evolution of social and digital media, video now plays a central role for many online radios. The current pandemic has resulted in an overflow of live streamed concerts and DJ-sets. In this scenario, we feel the urge to give creativity the prominent role it deserves. 25 A/V will focus on quality audiovisual content involving talented music producers, video-makers and animators from the Italian and Belgian scenes.”

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