Junior Boys Youll Improve Me (Caribou Remix)


With a perfectly competent original and a promising manipulation in the form of Dem 2’s Burial-esque twist, it’s a testament to Dan Snaith’s form that his remix of ‘You’ll Improve Me’ dominates the hype surrounding this release. Thanks to a period of prolific and exceptional work under alias, Daphni, Snaith’s stock has promptly risen in dance music circles and on the basis of this effort, this is justifiably so.

Concerning his inspiration for last year’s ‘Swim’ Snaith stated he was ‘excited by the idea of making dance music that’s liquid in the way it flows back and forth…Dance music that sounds like it’s made out of water rather than made out of metallic stuff like most dance music does’ – this sonic ideology is translated differently in this particular production; the ‘metallic’ and the ‘liquid’ converging entrancingly in a distinctly sinister take on the original.

Industrial, ‘metallic’ twitches and signals combined with subtle fragments of Snaith’s familiarly mood-fixing ‘liquid’ psychedelia results in a contortion of Jeremy Greenspan’s usually sultry vocals into something superbly menacing. This atmosphere is maintained until an incessantly reverberating tech-drone surfaces somewhat unpredictably, supported well by tinny micro-house percussion. Combined this all proves an irresistible blend of the elements of acid-house and techno whilst retaining Snaith’s measured idiosyncrasies.

Palpably dark and primitive in mood though multi-faceted and intricately constructed in terms of production and progression, Snaith proves yet again he’s at the top of his game.

12’’ [Domino] [Release – 9th December]

Junior Boys – You'll Improve Me (Caribou Remix) by DominoRecordCo