Julio Bashmore – 3024-011


I think Im a bit late on this one, but punctuality can be decidedly overlooked here. Were talking enchanting, modern carnival-house from the enrapturing brain of a Seor Bashmore. Released in March on Martyns 3024 imprint, Julio Bashmores managed to charm the sunbeams – literally coerced and captured the potent summer solar rays and inject them – into this infectious, fast-paced upbeat delight.Soothing through the flux of synth is [albeit potentially painfully] cheesy vocals: Oh gi-irl lets get marri-ied. Sounds like the formula for an unsightly rendition of Jagged Edge, but Bashmores alchemy truly prevails, offsetting the potential cheddar with the type of edgy, funk-infused beat the dance or the beach just couldnt resist even if it tried. Batty Knee Dance encapsulates carnival-esque sunshine vibe in a jar and ethereally unleashes the enchantment to us meagre mortals.

JULIO BASHMORE BATTY KNEE DANCE (3024-011A) by 3024world

The b-side should be the a-side, really. Equally summer-y, Ribble to Amazons atmosphere swathes like tropical heat whilst a vocal re-sounds, propositioning you to step into the Amazonian landscape and run wild with the antelopes into the sea. Appropriately pigeon-holed as Sexystep on the 3024 Soundcloud, I knew my debut for R$N absolutely had to be this.

Julio Bashmore – ‘Ribble To Amazon’ (3024-011B) by takako.music
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Sophie James

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