Jose Gonzalez To Release First Solo Album In 7 Years


Jose Gonzalez is set to finally release the follow up to his 2007 album In Our Nature. After spending the intervening years working on soundtracks, recording with his band Junip, and collaborating with a variety of musicians, Gonzalez is now stepping back into the limelight, with his new LP set for release February 2015. Titled Vestiges & Claws, the record is being billed as the third part of an acoustic trilogy Gonzalez started with the wildly successful Veneer.

 “There were a couple of things that enabled me to complete this record," he writes, "one was curiosity, to be able to play percussion and do a lot of harmonies and also to produce and mix the album; the other was aesthetics. I love to listen to Arthur Russell and Shuggie Otis, to music that has been done mostly by one person in their solitary state.”

As José sees it, the record is his personal, “zoomed-out eye on humanity on a small, pale blue dot in a cold, sparse and unfriendly space. The amazing fact that we are all here, an attempt at encouraging us to understand ourselves and to make the best of the one life we know we have – after birth and before death.”

Watch a trailer below, and pre-order from iTunes here