Jim Wallis readies debut album for Tip Top Recordings


The celebrated ambient multi instrumentalist will release his first full length LP on Tip Top Recordings early next year. Following work as a drummer in a flurry of indie bands he has recntly turned his hand towards the creation of neo classical and ambient music in an enchanting, unique fashion. "Europa" is the title of his debut album and it will be released on the 31st of January. Jim Wallis works with a variety of instrumentation across the course of the release but one instrument captures the heart behind the project with intricacy and emotion:

“Since my grandma passed away in 2012, her beautiful old cello had been sat untouched in my parents' house, so I dusted it off and started taking lessons. It was a strange, sometimes moving experience to spend time playing the instrument my grandmother had played for 80 years from when she was a teenager, and particularly to do so while working on this project where living and dead characters interact.”

The album itself will act as an accompaniment to a new documentary also called ‘Europa’ – "a film by Rwandan director Kivu Ruhorahoza, is about Simon, an asylum seeker who has recently killed himself, who returns to commune with important people from his life., He is suspended in limbo". 

A track is streaming from the album online now: