Jerome Hill Remakes ‘Perculator’ For Super Rhythm Trax


Super Rhythm Trax have announced a new EP incoming from man about town Jerome Hill. Jerome's been knocking around London playing bangers since the 90s – but in reccent times he's finally getting the recognition we'd say he deserves. Jerome's unashamedly of the old skool; his love of industrial strength techno is informed by a vast knowledge of hip hop, soul, funk and house – in short, there's a swing to his machine music that goes beyond the rigid thud too many of his contemporaries favour.

So it's with some anticipation that we look forward to his new EP – apparently this is Jerome returning to the Chicago house sounds that first shaped his sets in the 90s – and he's opening the EP with his cut up of Cajmere's evergreen Perculator. That remix has been killing raves on dubplate for the last year or so – you can never have too many heavy mixes of the Perculator bobble sound. We're yet to secure a premiere of the track, but keep you're eyes peeled for the record to drop late June/ early July. Details are going to be available on SRT's Swerving the Community website, where they've also got a sale on on back cat 12"s. in the meantime, content yourself with Hill's last release on Super Rhythm Trax, the 2014 killer Paper Bag Acid…


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