Jamal Moss, Hodge, KiNK & more feature on new Midnight Shift/Voitax comp


The labels have teamed up to release a powerhouse of material which will be available on both vinyl and digital from the 27th of January early next year. The release includes contributions from some of the most innovative in dance and electronic music of the moment with the likes of Simo Cell, Don't DJ, Umwelt, Florian Kupfer and Veronica Maximova amongst what is a renowned cast. 

The compilation is titled "Mothership" with more information revealed by the labels as follows:

"Basically, our two labels met through the Berlin-based record manufacturing „Intakt“, where both of us are getting our records pressed. We started talking about music and label related questions through which we very soon realized that we are sharing/pursuing the same ideas/visions in regards to the musical diversity of our platforms. We started hanging out more and more often which soon turned into a valuable friendship. So not only musically we have shared very similar ideas but also on a personal level outside the music industry, we connected quite quickly. It was only a matter of time until one of us came up with the idea to turn this connection into an actual collaboration of Midnight Shift and Voitax – through this ever-growing friendship the seed for this shared Various Artist project was planted and was soon to be turned into reality. We started working on a concept through which we could combine the full strength of our musical qualities by connecting all of our artists in one great Compilation.”

Listen to previews below: