Jack J to release album on Mood Hut

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Written by Alasdair King

The enigmatic musician releases his first music in seven years in the form of a new album.

Jack Jutson last released music on Future Times back in 2015. This week saw the announcement of his first music since then in the form of an album on the closely affiliated record label Mood Hut.

Titled “Opening the Door” – the release will be available from the 1st of April later this year and features eight tracks which showcase his unique approach to a sound which transcends pop, electronica, balearic, krautrock and dub.

The label describe the release as follows:


“Self-recorded slowly but surely between 2015 and 2019 at Mood Hut Studios, Jack’s first full-length album refracts these blue haze emotional landscapes through an array of well-selected styles; inward-peering ambient jazz, On-U-inspired digital-dub and guitar-driven synth-tinged pop balance the scales of this variegated LP.

In the past, Jack J and Mood Hut made music for dancing, introspection or some combination thereof. ‘Opening The Door’ dives deeper into this vibe arrangement while taking an even-keeled zoom way out to explore the long term personal project of reconciling our inner and outer worlds. Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, the definitive Mood Hut album to date feels concise yet expansive, the relaxed playfulness that defined previous Jack J records giving way to calm assurance.”

The announcement was made alongside the release of a single from the forthcoming record – the video streaming below: