Instra:mental reunite for new LP of unreleased material


Instra:mental reunite for new album entitled 'Timelines' on Nonplus Records, which includes unreleased and vinyl-only recordings. 

The album is their first in eight years, following their debut on Nonplus in 2011, and pieces together 11 tracks, six of which were previously unreleased. 'Timelines'  includes "Pacific Heights" which was first showcased in Marcus Intalex's Fabric:live mix as well as "Watching You", featuring vocals ad-libs from dBridge, and "End Credits" which appeared on the Autonomic podcast series.

Instra:mental share some words on the release of the new album: "none of the tracks except one have been available digitally. We thought the tracks would make a coherent album, and really represent the early days of Instra:mental".

Instra:mental AKA Al Green and Damon Kirkham are infamous for flipping the script in drum n bass, instead producing slower electronic grooves and working with a hands-on drum machine set up that set them apart musically during the late noughties. Their tracks "Sakura" and "Pacific Heights", the latter of which features on their new album, were defining moments for their Autonomic movement, striking a chord with fans across the world.

'Timelines' will be available digitally and on vinyl from 21st September.

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