I’m A Cliche celebrate 15 years with V/A compilation


In celebration of keeping an independent label afloat for more than 15 years, Berlin-based producer and DJ Cosmo Vitelli is marking the anniversary of his I'm A Cliche imprint with a V/A compilation of friends and allies. 

Also marking a turning point in the label's output (they'll be refining and reducing their release schedule) the compilation, entited Bongo, Beats & Bankruptcy, captures the label's quirks and eccentricities, featuring 13 tracks spread over three LPs.

From Orestt's ambient opener to Linja's freaky electro closer, the release touches all corners of I'm A Cliche's vast and diverse musical universe. Standing in the dancefloor margins are tracks from Greek producer June who brings dreamy wave and kraut influences to the table, Ivan Smagghe and Marc Collin's Volga Select project, Coy's synth arpeggios and a wave cut from Oliver Decrow mixed by Dunkeltier. Club-ready numbers come in the form of an IDM-not-IDM number by Rouge Mécanique, a bleepy affair from Benoît B, a psychedelic dance floor number courtesy of Fantastic Twins, a 707 driven banger by Krikor and a forward-thinking half-stepper by label head Cosmo Vitelli.

01. Oresstt – Luddisme
02. Awkward Corners – In Slow Motion (Sunju Hargun Edit)
03. Volga Select – Spione
04. June – Perspective 4000
05. Coy – La Cantine Du Vatican
06. Rouge Mécanique – Skate & Distort
07. Benoit B – Cosmic Music Style
08. Fantastic Twins – Read My Palmer, Laura
09. Oliver Decrow – Opus Pistorum (Dunkeltier Mix)
10. Cosmo Vitelli – The Horse Incident (Ft. Andrew Claristidge)
11. Odopt – Annpala 12. Krikor – We as one in the S.D.T
13. Linja – Xanadu