Hodge and Franklin De Costa curate new compilation in celebration of Mother’s Finest party


The pair have worked to piece together a collection of music from friends and associates of the infamous Berlin party which has operated out of Griessmuehle, the much loved recently closed venue. The Mother's Finest compilation features a carefully curated selection of music featuring Laurel Halo, Batu, Violet, Anunaku, Karima F and Mosca amongst many others. 

The release will be available as a two part vinyl edition and on digital with the music spanning a broad assortment of genres and styles which represent the free flowing ethos of the party as a whole. 

Mother's Finest is also throwing a party at Griessmuehle's new temporary location, 'Griessmuehle Im Exile' (aka Alte Münze) in Berlin on February 22nd.

A full tracklist can be seen below:


01. Laurel Halo – Hot Style
02. Leibniz – Reduced Scope
03. Batu – High Press
04. Otik – NDE
05. Nasty King Kurl – Complicated
06. Karima F – Falconhoof
07. Anunaku – Nascent
08. Hodge – Silo
09. Franklin De Costa – Rage
10. Dynamo Dreesen – From This Era
11. Carl Gari – Fred
12. Nico – Common Drum
13. Katatonic Silentio – Dis/Continuum
14. Mosca – Swann Morton
15. Violet – Infinite Source 

Vinyl – MF Compilation Part 1 

A1 Laurel Halo – Hot Style
A2 Batu – High Press
A3 Carl Gari – Fred
B1 Hodge – Silo
B2 Franklin De Costa – Rage Vinyl 

MF Compilation Part 2 

A1 Karima F – Falconhoof
A2 Dynamo Dreesen – From This Era
B1 Mosca – Swann Morton
B2 Nico – Common Drum

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