A bit over a year ago (before his death basically, like a proper fan) I went to see the Michael Jackson musical. I thought it was going to be a dramatisation of his rock n roll life, but instead it was kind of a musical review, with 4 different people playing Michael at different stages of his life. When the time came to sing Dirty Diana, out stepped a bland white bloke looking to all intents and purposes like a more cuntish Robbie Williams swaddled in a Matrix jacket. He was utterly woeful and was called Ben something. I wish I could remember his name so I could name and shame him. He murdered Michaels song. It was horrible. I wanted to cry or to throw things at him.

In other news Herve has made a staggeringly unlovable cover of Primal Screams golden classic Come Together. Whats wrong with these people.

Ian Mcquaid

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