Herve Hot!


Apparently were going to have a belting hot summer. No honestly, despite the fact that every year some joker with a weather balloon assures us that in 3 months time were going to be stripping to the waist and shagging strangers in a whirlwind of heat fuelled merriment, and despite the fact that every year summer is a predictably shit affair with time divided between eking out a crack tan from 5 minutes of lemony nonshine and freezing your arse off squinting through the rain at the Dirty Pretty Things or the Maccabees or Chas & Dave & Orville ruining music at an appalling festivaldespite all this, this year, this year, some boffins in Cardiff have claimed its going to be a BBQ Summer. If it is, Im going to be demanding that DJs play Herves Hot! Drum Attack, because its got the word hot repeated in it again and again, and its a kind of uk funky/ techno/ bassline monster, and it sounds brilliant loud, and hes giving it away for free.

Ian Mcquaid

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