Haider announces three new EPs via Breaker Breaker, Aus and Warehouse Music


DJ/producer Haider has revealed he’ll be releasing three new EPs this year, via his own label Breaker Breaker, Mela Dee’s Warehouse Music and Aus. 

Endless Clouds is the first EP to drop on 31st July via Breaker Breaker matching future electro with high tech funk and raw, jacking house. The influence of his former stomping grounds in London and Sheffield can be heard across the release, recalling the Steel City bleep with sparse elements and prominent bass and beats, and the energy of grime and shuffle of UK Funky bringing the London flavour. 

Now Berlin-based, Haider will follow the EP up with two more later this year via Mella Dee’s Warehouse Music and Will Saul’s Aus, for whom he released his 10961 EP with last year.

The Sheffield native started his production career in the city’s bassline scene, releasing his debut record The Lock Off EP in 2008 under his then moniker DS1. Heavily inspired by the purple sound of artists such as Joker and Starkey, between 2010 and 2013 Haider turned his attention to grime which saw his productions championed by Plastician and Starkey who both went on to release DS1 tracks on their respective labels Terrorhythm (‘I DNT KNW’) and Slit Jockey (‘Emotions Colours and Spacefood’.)

His label Breaker Breaker materialised in 2015, while Haider was studying at Goldsmiths, after discovering Ross From Friends’ music and going on to release his debut EP Alex Brown. Since then Breaker Breaker have released the debut EPs for a broad spectrum of artists, including jazz duo The Colours That Rise (who recently dropped an album on Rhythm Section), Japanese producer RGL and most recently, indie shoegaze trio Night Tapes. 

Endless Clouds Tracklist
1. ‘Maracuja’ (radio edit)
2. ‘Maracuja’ (original mix)
3. ‘I Came To Destroy’
4. ‘Grove Street’

Buy Endless Clouds HERE. Photo credit: George Nebieridze.