Picking up accolades across the blogosphere (which I believe is a small hamlet just down the road from Fucking Crapton) Greenmoney have dropped a slew of big remixes over the last 12 months, with the Busy Signal, Organ Grinder and Twizzle bashment ouse reworks consistantly smashing up the dance. So now this, their first artist release has a weight of expectation resting upon its shoulders and, lucky for us, manages to deliver. Credit to the duo for using the new crop of English MCs with fast-becoming-staples Serocee, Lady Chann and Mz Bratt all making an appearance on a track apiece.

The sound is gonna be familiar to anyone whos caught one of the Greenmoney remixes; a uniquely British hybrid of bumping Jamaican riddim, high octane uk funky and whistles, stabs and wobbles of rave bass and bleep. Serocee comes out top with the party vibes of Suh Mi Stay, a track with dub infused soundeffects adding warmth and cheeky humour to the marching soca drums. All 5 cuts on the EP are worth checking though for a scattershot of mashed lively UK bass culture.

Ian Mcquaid

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