Goose – Words


There’s a bar in Estonia called Depeche Mode where they only ever play the songs of Depeche Mode. Men in leather trench coats hang round in sullen corners drinking cocktails called ‘Master & Slave’ and ‘Persoanl Jesus’ and touch up their earliner. When I went there I heard ‘Enjoy The Silence twice, which, to be fair, is better than hearing anything by Mumford & Sons at all. Should the Depeche Mode bar ever relax its somewhat draconian music policy (and we may as well accept now that it’s not going to, but just saying IF, ok ?) then the clienetele would doubtless love the music of Belgian industro goths Goose, who sound like big Dave Gahan’s band would probably sound if they still made decent songs. The remixes by Boris Dlugosh, Will & Joe Ask and The Tropical Island are, by turns, scary techno banger, big room industrial trance monster and good time goth disco. Bizarrely they are also all good. Whodathunk it.

Ian Mcquaid

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