Erol strikes ! Big wedgey chunks of simple sounds stacked like house Duplo. Theres a dry crisp kick drum. Then theres a bobbing chicago bass line. Next up is the nagging high pitched synth. Stick in a couple of pitched down vocals and viola ! Dancefloor gold. I guess youd call this more a DJ Tool than a track, in that it feels great to mix, and its gonna work best in the middle of a rave, but right there in the middle of that rave it will sound very good. Theres not so many great DJs who also make great producers- Carl Cox is notable for never matching the height of his turntable skills behind the desk- and often the reverse is true- Ray Keith made a hundred jungle anthems but has always been a bit of a shitbird on the 1s & 2s – so its a pleasant surprise to see Alkan continuing to convert his innate understanding of making people dance into something that everyone can have a piece of. Good chap.

Ian Mcquaid

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