Gil Scott-Heron


Hm. A curious mix of Scott-Herons biblical deep throated chain gang power and Nass nasal flow here. I know Nas is a legend an all, but I dont see where he fits in on this. Everything else, the clapping production, the booming bass, the subtle dubstep synths, they all sound amazing- mournful, apocalyptic and full of the knowledge of years. The slight modern touches in the production; a few vocal effects, and some added dread in the background, are masterfully applied, and add rather than diminish the tracks power. But the rap… it seems almost vulgar, like sticking a spoiler on a jag, or ketchup on haute cuisine, or Dancing on Ice on the telly. So, Im not sure if theres an original version of this without the rap, but if there is, thats the good un. This version isnt.

Ian Mcquaid

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