GhostPoet Shares Ghost Culture Remix


OK, we know that we have to make some crap play on the fact that Ghost Culture and Ghostpoet both have names with GHOST in them, because that is UNCANNY. Like a ghost. A ghost is uncanny, and so is them sharing names. That's all we can come up with. Sorry. Go read R*sident A*visor if you proper writing. 

Anyway, what matters, all that matters, is that this remix is really fucking good. It's reminding me of the great remixes DFA used to do, sprawling funky bastards that'd go on for ages and build and build and build til your banging the ceiling, shouting with joy and blinded from the tangy pinger sweat leaking from your overheated headtop into your goggling eyes. Honestly, it's really very good. Just listen to it. 


Then go and watch Ghost Poet live here:

Ghostpoet Live 2015:
Aug 28 Leeds Festival – NME/BBC Radio 1 stage
Aug 30 Reading Festival – NME/BBC Radio 1 stage
Sept 04 North Wales, Festival No. 6
Sept 05 Brighton, Together The People Festival
Nov 19 Southampton 1865
Nov 20 Warwick University
Nov 21 London Shepherds Bush Empire
Nov 23 Bristol Marble Factory
Nov 24 Birmingham Institute Library
Nov 25 Glasgow Art School
Nov 26 Manchester Band On The Wall