Gene on Earth shares first single from his new album ‘Time on the Vine’

Gene on Earth x Palma Llopis -9

Gene on Earth has announced a brand new album on his own Limousine Dream imprint.

Announced with the first single ‘Pinseeker’, the LP, titled Time on the Vine, is the results of five months spent in the studio during the early days of the pandemic.

Full of slick, wiggly minimal rhythms, this release marks the second long player from the California-born, Berlin-based producer following 2019’s Local Fuzz, a release that came out of nowhere, just like Gene himself, but quickly earned praise from media and tastemakers alike.


This album followed a string of EPs, all released on Gene’s own label, that were matched with his mysterious aesthetic, an image of the moustache-adorned, cigarette-smoking cartoon character he’s now become associated with.

Speaking about the first single, Gene said that: “Combining tripping effects and memorable melodies spun over a driving core, ‘Pinseeker’ is one of the centrepieces of the album. It’s a track that I tested and revised numerous times until it became a complete dancefloor tune”.

1 – Snooze Operator
2 – The City Special
3 – Time Optimist
4 – Pinseeker
5 – Studio Dobra
6 – To Bleep Or not To Bleep
7 – Chuggy Elements
8 – Flux Deluxe
9 – Aston Martinez

Listen to ‘Pinseeker’.

Time on the Vine it out on 3rd June via Limousine Dream.