Friendly Fires


Nothing like a good blossoming of a band to cheer you up. So from jammy nu rave also-rans it seems Friendly Fires have screwed their resolve tight to its fullest, gone right at it with the drum machines and arpeggiators, hooked up with some genuine dance producers and fffflipping heck turned into a gloriously faggy disco prancing heir to New Order.

So, heres all the bits youre after present and correct– full balearic sounds (whatever the fuck they actually are, but yknow its somewhere between the tom toms and the analogue chords) check…. melancholic, flattened English tones check … actually sounding like proper play-it-in-a-club house music check…. totally gay (in the best possible way) sounding spoken word interlude yup that too. From many angles the indie dance explosion of the mid 00s has a bit of a cynical whiff banging off it, so its great to see one of the alumni crafting such a fine piece of dancefloor funk, good work.

Ian Mcquaid