Fresh Ice Cream


Dubstep stole all of drum n basss best ideas and played them on a plug-in. I havent heard any come back from the DnB world for a while, but this track right here is IMMENSE. Veteran Fresh reclaims the LFO wobbling bass that has become so intrinsic to the headbanging sound of Caspa, Rusko etc- a sound originally pioneered by DnB pervert Twisted Individual back in the late 90s and constructs an awesomely disgusting piece of jungle from it. This is jungle in every sense; crazed tribal percussion batters out a savage war dance, then gargantuan chainsaw rave synths descend from the night and before you know it your trapped in a drop dirtier than Berlosconis bookmarks. Bass wobbling all over the shop, snares flying out at nutter pitch and menace everywhere. Theres time for atonal female vocals, a blast of the Lyn Collins Think breakbeat (the foundation of all the best rave music donchaknow), and the occasional whisper of icecream, then after the quickest 4 and a bit minutes of mayhem Ive sat through for years everything packs up and vanishes back to the depths. Brilliant 9/10

Ian Mcquaid

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