Freerotation, Gottwood & Field Maneuvers Join Forces For Red Cross Fundraiser


All three floors of Peckham's revered Bussey Building act as host to a fundraiser by three like-minded festivals – Gottwood, Field Manuevers and Freerotation.

Each will take a floor, with appropriately representative lineups invited by the festivals – the darker rumblings of Baskerville hall conducted by Blawan, DJ Bone and festival parents Steevio & Suzybee, the esoteric lineup of Field Maneuvers fleshed out by Auntie Flo, Esa, and Christian S, whilst Gottwood adopts more of a house-leaning stance with Nicolas Lutz and Archie Hamilton. 

It costs between £12-£15 depending how quick you are and it's all for a good causeThe FM room looks to be the most exciting as it's also acting as the launch party for the new Auntie Flo LP (which is pretty damn good), and features appearances from Shanti Celeste and Blackfoot Phoenix.