Florian Hecker Will Release A New Album In February


German experimental noise merchant Florian Hecker will release his third collaborative album with Iranian philosopher Reza Negarestani in February 2017.

A Script For Machine Synthesis will be the third installment of a trilogy of records made with the philosopher, following from 2012’s Chimerization and Articulação.

On their previous collaborative efforts, the combination of disparate, often frenetic algorithmic sound structures and the narration of Negarestani’s complex theories made for an intense and dizzying experience. Recited with jarring atonality by experimental vocalist Joan La Barbara, the theories that sat at the centre of the projects burrowed into ideas of nature, science, art and culture. Both previous parts of the trilogy have been disquieting feats of conceptual art with the potential to entice or petrify those who experienced them on record or in the galleries in which they featured.

The final part of the trilogy, which will be released on Austrian label Editions Mego on February 24th. It is compiled of three sections with a 57 minute runtime as well as a brief intro and “credits” section, the latter of which is the first part of the collection to be revealed. 


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