Floating Points Announces Debut Album ‘Elaenia’


Floating Points is lining up his debut solo album entitled Elaenia and is celebrating the release of this news by putting the video for 'Silhouettes' out into the ether.

With the album set to drop on 6th November via Pluto, Floating Points (real name Sam Shepherd) finally ventures into the LP world after years of top quality DJing and work with contemporaries such as Four Tet and Caribou with a selection of sounds that are sure to mess with your head as much as you'd expect an older brother to mess with your hair. But this time around it's a purely pleasant experience and we can't wait to give the whole thing a spin.

Here's 'Silhouettes' to keep you excited about the impending release;

Elaenia is out on 6th November via Pluto, find out more here.