First Listen: Eskimo Twins – Reworks Vol. 1


Them Eskimo Twins are at it again!
This time they're releasing a 4 Track EP of re-edits past and present that have been setting their floors on ice – see what we did there?

Hot On The Heels of Love is our pick of the crackers in here. It Throbs with Gristle…  

There's a breakdown the lads did for us but first listen here: 

Let's a have to the polar like men…

"We started doing these versions a couple of years ago. Reworking oddball electronic tracks we loved, and making them club friendly so we could play them in our DJ sets.

Hot On The Heels of Love was the first one we finished. We gave a copy to Andrew Weatherall and he started playing it regularly.  It kind of became a bit ‘A Love From Outer Space' and Weatherall fixture, which we were really stoked about.

We did Program Me, after we heard the track and fell in love with the vocoder. Again just gave it to DJs and friends to play out in clubs. For the next year or so, we did lots of remixing and have the time to  do any other reworks, but we were still playing Hot On The Heels of Love and Program Me out regularly in our sets and reaction to them was always good.

People kept asking us whether they would ever be released on vinyl so after a while we decided to do another couple of tracks and do a 12" vinyl release.

We'd been listening the The Boogey Man for a couple of years, and we both loved not only the amazing synth work on it, but the complex melodies and parts. We approached it as more of a cover version, working out all the original synth lines, replaying them and twisting things up bit along the way. It seemed like a good way to end the 12".

When we first hard Generique Debut we thought toms would sound wicked in a club and the chords are just right to build tension so really wanted to do somethig with it. The track came together really quickly after the Moog bass line was recorded, we didn't add that much else to it to be honest!

The reworks are basically us trying to pay our respects to some tracks we love, whilst tuning them for the dance floor.

Buy it from here @ £3.50?? How the hell do they do that?

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