Bernardino Femminielli reveals short film taken from his new album L’Exil


Multi-disciplinary artist Bernardino Femminielli has shared a short film for ‘French Exit’, a track taken from recent album L’Exil on new Montreal-based label Éditions Appærent.

Born out of a frustration at his status of being a misunderstood artist, the concept album tells the satirical tale of an exiled showman; a semi-fictional character based on Femminielli himself. Composed of lost Plaisirs Américains sessions (his 2016 outing on Mind Records), the release is the “pre-conclusion” to two other LPs – Johnny 4ever (Part I) and Nobody’s Boy: Johnny (Part II) – which will be released later this year. 

Lead track, “French Exit”, is a nod to a long and softer version of ‘Gluantes Pornographies’ (from Plaisirs Américains). Electric bass and minimalist drums are peppered with piano and synthesizer for an entrancing 12 minute opus that represents the dissociative disorders of the protagonist’s personality.

Bernardino Femminielli is a Montreal-based artist who works across various mediums including poetry, film, performance and music, releasing on labels like Total Black, Clan Destine and Desire. 

Watch the video below and follow the full story of the exiled showman here

Buy HERE. Video by Bernardino Femminielli & Margaux Esclapez.