Faze Action Compile Rare Material On New Z Records Compilation


The infamous duo have long been known for their tenacity when it comes to digging for uncovered gems and music lost to the depths of time. They have worked alongside Z Records on a new compilation as part of their 'Under The Influence' series which features a wide array of rare vinyl reissued in the one place. The breadth of music features spans the trajectory of afro, italo, soul, funk and disco with much of the content featured on the new release incredibly hard to find and expensive to boot. 

The release will be available from the 25th of May next month. the tracklist can be seen below: 

Side 1
  1. Carol Dionne – "I'm In Love With You"
  2. Space – "Mixed Up" (Faze Action edit)
Side 2
  1. Mikki – "Dance Lover" (feat Starz – Faze Action edit)
  2. Leston Paul – "All Nite Tonight" (mix)
  3. Michele Claire – "In The Bush"
Side 3
  1. Galaxy – "Let Love Begin"
  2. Midway – "Set It Out" (Faze Action edit)
  3. Songhoi Band – "Africa Africa" (Faze Action edit)
Side 4
  1. Stylus – "We All Need One Another"
  2. Oscar Perry – "Body Movements"
  3. Spats – "Hot Summer Madness"

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