Fatboy Slim vs Herve


Its ALRIGHT ! No, honestly, this is good !! Blimey. Well I dont know about you but I was ready for a total piece of guff. Normans been putting out rubbish for so long now its hard to remember that he was once Englands answer to Jazzy Jeff. And The Housemartins were pretty magic as well. Well this sounds nothing like Jazzy Jeff or The Housemartins, or indeed any of the dodgier end of Herves production that you might have suspected to flourish under the Fatboys thumb. Instead Machines Can Work is good old fashioned jacking acid, lovingly created by 2 aficionados with zero nobbing about. A repeated vocal sample, 909s a 303 and a couple of synthy swells, job done. Its got a pureness in its simplicity, and a chunkiness to the production that ensures it wont sound out of place on the precision sound systems of the mega clubs these two thrive in. All in all, a genuinely enjoyable piece of classic dance music

Ian Mcquaid