Factory Floor


4-track mini album released recently on Blast First Petite.

I saw this lot supporting Fuck Buttons last Saturday night and they blew them off the stage. I’d been desperate to see them for ages after hearing about them a few months ago and they did not disappoint. Officially my favourite new band as of this minute. You’re not getting the full thing as that wouldn’t be on, instead I’ve randomly plumped for track B1.

What do they sound like? Well, I’ve heard them described as gothic electro but that doesn’t do them justice. There was a drummer, a dude on analogue synth and a girl playing a guitar with a violin reed. The two non-drummers also did bits of vocal. Sounds pretty wanky but I assure you they sounded magnificent. I had been desperate to get my paws on this release (clear vinyl 10″ with accompanying DVD) but for some reason Monorail didn’t get it in. Thank fuck they sold it at the gig. The perfect Optimo band as well – hopefully they’ll get them up again quickly for the new night.

It’s been a busy-as-hell few weeks for gigs (April and October = always the same) – LCD Soundsystem set the Barras on fire last night with a set which included a fab cover of Carl Craig’s Throw, and we’re off down to London tomorrow to go and see The Stooges and Suicide on Sunday night. No doubt a booze-fuelled trundle round Berwick Street’s record shops will be in order at some point as ever – cannae wait.

Blast First Petite? Where’s my next Suicide 10″? That’s been fuckin AGES now since the last one…

Factory Floor – Untitled
A1 – Lying
A2 – 16-16-9-20-1-14-9-7
B1 – A Wooden Box
B2 – Solid Sound
DVD – Solid Sound Video

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Factory Floor on Myspazz

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