Factory Floor announce first track from new album


Factory Floor have just announced their first new track from their highly anticipated debut album. The stripped back Turn It Up will be taken from their self-titled released by the mighty DFA Records for 9 September 2013.

A vivid snapshot of a progressive band, still in the ascendant, smashing through yet another ceiling.

Its the first album-length statement from the band, who’ve earned a powerful live and recorded reputation on the strength of the Fall Back and Two Different Ways for DFA alongside early releases for Optimo Music and Blast First Petite.

The album opens with the below track Turn It Up, certainly their most linear track to date. Produced and recorded by the band themselves in their North London warehouse space on a vintage mixing desk originally used by Dave Stewart three decades ago to record all of the Eurythmics early hits, Factory Floor is lauded as a fully immersive trip through the band’s repertoire. 

Reduced to the core trio of elements: mass, velocity and momentum mixed in astonishing detail by Timothy Q Wiles, an LA based producer who has previously worked with VCMG and AfrikaBambaataa. It also features a pitched down voice demanding to know: Where is a good place to start? The listener should start with the immense volume that the title demands. Good speakers and even better headphones reveal a hidden world of deep listening behind the minimal frame of agitated percussion, dub echo and bass rumble, beneath the framework of the track.

More live dates should be announced soon following their appearance at Lovebox.



Factory Floor is released on DFA on 9 September 2013 on Vinyl/ Digital/ CD