Fabric Launch Campaign To Support Their License Appeal


Just weeks after losing their license, despite the over-whelming support from across the globe, fabric are asking their "fans, peers and the greater population" to contribute to their appeal campaign fund. Donations will also help the team to keep hold of key skeletal staff, preserve the club premises as they stand and prepare the legal framework for their fight. Over £120k has been donated already, and the closure is also being exemplified as a greater threat to our culture and night-time economy, as fabric state: 

"If we fall, every club in the UK is vulnerable to similar police action. There’s a very real threat that no one will ever invest in quality, well run, safe venues again.  The world leading, exciting, pioneering musical culture that originates in London and the UK will be gone, and the cultural heritage it has created will wither on the vine. We must not allow the destruction of creativity in our night time culture."

To find out more and donate look HERE.

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