Drexciya’s Techno Classic ‘Neptune’s Lair’ Finally Repressed


The stern techno uberlords of Tresor have finally found it within their hearts to repress Drexicya's techno masterpiece, 'Neptune's Lair'. In all fairness, this isn't the first time the label has given rabid fans another chance to get hold of the double LP – but the first repress of 2010 has long since sold out, and Drexicya product has become increasingly desirable in the interim. Neptune's Lair was the mysterious outfit's second long player, and was rumoured to be the first created entirely by the late James Stinson – although as Stinson is the only member of Drexciya to have ever been formerly identified, it's extremely hard to verify whether he worked alone or in conjunction with his alleged partner, Gerald Donald – Donald remains tight lipped on the matter to this day.

Contructed from aquatic electro and rich mythology, many fans consider the album to be the acts finest, and a listen to a selection of songs via Youtube show that they have, if anything, gained in impact over the years rather than lost – decide for yourself below.

The reissue will be available on 2xLP and CD, although it's as yet unclear as to whether the CD will have more tracks than the vinyl, as has been the case with all previous editions. More info on the Tresor website.