Dreamcastmoe delivers an ode to DC on new EP


“Lamont” will be the DC based rappers next EP due for release via In Real Life at the start of October. Dreamcastmoe aka Dreamcast has collaborated and worked prominently with the likes of Peoples Potential Unlimited, Future Times and Specials previously. His new record is more focussed towards hip hop than perhaps some of his previous releases but is delivered with as much confidence and precision as that of which came before. 

He reflects on the roots of the record below:

“These tracks are meant to hit you in your spine. Going into this EP I wanted to represent myself thoroughly along with the block that I live on, Lamont Street. My neighbourhood is really well known in Washington DC for being rough but savvy at the same time. There is some deep history on this block – it’s not gentrified, it’s really a DC neighbourhood.”

A track and video is streaming online now: