Dogs n Bumpz ft MC Zulu


Like battle ready Power Rangers, the hybrids of soca, techno and uk funky keep forming into ever bigger wholes ready to smash and grab through tropical dancefloors. This track, the first from new East London label Oi You! fits in some classic soca hollers nicked from the legend Mighty Sparrow (if Im not mistaken they first appeared on the track I Never Eat the White Meat Yet which is, as the title suggest, quite a number) and sticks them over a heap of clattering marching drums, bass wubbers and crazy little pinging electro synths. No doubt, it genuinely sounds like Carnival Madness, its loads of fun, and its a fuck sight better than contemplating the howling gail and pissing rain hammering at my miserable English window.

Ian Mcquaid

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