Dimensions Festival Announce Launch Of Own Imprint


Dimensions Festival has announced that it's to launch its own label, Dimensions Recordings. The imprint is set to launch on 14th July, beginning with a 12 track compilation that sees contributions from Marcos Cabral, Obsolete Music Technology, Bryon The Aquarius, Mim Suleiman, Mike Dehnert and many more.

The compilation will be split across three 12" EPs, with each reflecting the eclectic mixture of artists involved. The first EP is a worldly, soulful offering with tracks such as 'Onga' from Alma Begra- all raw percussion and dreamy inflections that sits alongside the jazz-tinged 'Getdownsoclose' from Karem Akdag. The second EP moves into dancefloor territory with tons of high-hats and thudding bass. Lady Blacktronika steps up to the plate with her contribution 'Can We Still Be Friends' complete with a woozy, melancholic vocal. The last in the compilation errs to the darker side of dance with "intergalactic oddities and twisted techno constructions". 

Beginning six years ago as a festival in Croatia, Dimensions has forged a name for itself in the festival world and has now grown into a DJ collective- Dimensions Soundsystem- as well as a DJ Directory series that aims to put emerging DJ talent in the spotlight. The label was formed by Dimensions Soundsystem's David Martin and Andy Lemay who wanted a platform to release music they love, regardless of the genre.

For more info head HERE.

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