Devon’s Weird House Collective Bizarre Rituals Release Free Mixtape


Bizarre Rituals are a Devon based collective who throw parties, put out albums on cassettes, make grainy lo-fi videos, and generally lark about in the fields. Given the crew's name, it's little surprise that there's a distinctly weird edge to most of the Bizzarre Rituals output, and today's free mixtape keeps the odd flag flying. Put together by Bizarre Rituals artists Brain Rays and Stoogie Houzer, the tape is a murky hour long descent through obscure techno, smeary beats and echoing ambience. It's come accompanied by a mini horror trailer, which we found deeply enjoyable, here it is:

Talking to The Wire, Bizarre Rituals co-founder Ben Hudson had the following to say – 

“The concept of the mixtape was really an attempt to recreate epiphanal and disorientating experiences while listening to music in hotboxed cars. The video was a lot of fun to make on the Devon lanes. Glad we didn't get pulled by the police. We had one person shooting out of the boot of a car while me and Stoogie Houzer drove along behind with pretty poor visibility and fake registration plates.”

"Hudson elaborates on the mixtape’s “stoner concept – not just something that is supposed to accompany or compliment the experience of being stoned, but rather something that is supposed to chart the psychological journey of a mind altering experience. Not to glamorise it either but to take the listener through the highs and lows, the confidence and confusion and to feel that by the end you are truly emerging and returning back to a reality of sorts. You should enjoy the mixtape but you should also feel somewhat relieved to reach the conclusion.”

Listen and download the full tape below: